Why Choose TechSquad?

  1. The TechSquad Remarkable Service commitment – responsive, reliable, resourceful, proactive, personable, and easy to work with – always!
  2. Experience – we’ve managed IT for hundreds of businesses in just about every industry
  3. Single source solution – we can provide and manage all aspects of your company’s IT needs
  4. National service delivery – where you need us, when you need us
  5. Service guarantee – we stand behind our service 100%

And most important…

Our people and our culture. Those are hard things to capture in a list or in words. We hire a unique group of people that has a rare mix of people skills and technical skills, and a burning desire to constantly improve the level of service we provide to our clients. That’s the #1 reason we have been able to grow so quickly and keep long term relationships with people that bring TechSquad with them no matter what company they go to work for.

All of our people share the following characteristics:

  1. An entrepreneurial spirit
  2. A servant’s heart
  3. A fun-loving attitude

Not just anyone can be a part of the TechSquad team. As our employees like to say, we are a hard team to play for. We have a tough, time-tested interview process that almost always finds the hidden gem in the candidate pool, and our team immediately works to make any new employee understand and live up to our high expectations.

It’s this unique combination of factors that makes clients frequently comment, “I don’t know how you find these people!”

TechSquad’s core values:

  1. Bring the entrepreneurial spirit to everything we do
  2. Put people first
  3. Strive for constant and never-ending improvement

1+1 = 3

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We strive every day to be an indispensable resource for our clients, bringing all of our resources each day to help our clients reach their goals.